As a service company in the Electronic Manufactoring Service (EMS) Telmed develops and produces electronics, assembly technologies, offers Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) and "Chip on Board" technology (COB).

Our manufacture encloses the whole process chain of the product realisation of the laboratory sample about prototypes and preproductions up to the serial & mass production.

Medical Devices

As a special developer for medicine equipment Telmed produces own and customised medicial machines and offers OEM solutions.
Our focus is Cardiology, Phlebologie, Spirometrie as well as Fitness, Reha & Prevention


Start der Validierungsstudie zum iPEx5 am 25.2.2013 : http://www.ipex5.de/index2.html


Seit Juni 2012 rundet der LRR-Printer als Spezialgerät für Venenmesstage das LRR-Produktspektrum ab


Produktzulassung - CPen M5 - CPen M5 vet - AT-12