C-pen M3


Product description

Telmeds C-pen M3  is a high-quality pocket sized 1-Channel-Emergency-ECG which guarantees immediate application with an integrated 3-point electrode.
Beside its compact size (100 mm) and the low weight (116 g) the battery operation provides flexibility and mobility. The easy service allows a good and quick useage, a highly dissolving LCD screen offers the best overview.

Optionally an evaluation and documentation software with medical software interfaces is available (see accessories / software).

A replaceable electrode lid with cables and integrated defibrillator protection extends the area of application of the C-pen M3 (see accessories / software).

The C-pen M3 is delivered in the practical leather case.

Europe: 0,265.694
Australia: 602.536
Japan: 2.127.374
THE USA: 4.825.874
Canada: 1.305.529


The C-pen M3 can be used with the following indications:

    Atrium flicker
    Normal sinus rhythm
    Ventrikuläre extrasystoles
    Narrow-complicated heart hurry
    Supraventrikuläre heart hurry
    Supraventrikuläre extrasystoles
    Asystole and agonal rhythm
    Pacemaker ECG, loess of capture
    Knot rhythm with missing P wave
    Ventricle flicker of different amplitude
    Ventrikuläre heart hurry (wide QRS complex)
    Obv. block 3 ° with wide finance officer's sentence rhythm
    Idioventrikulärer rhythm (wide QRS complex)
    Tachyarrhythmia absoluta with atrium flicker


The C-pen Infrared detector

As optional PC accessories the C-pen M3 is delivered with an infrared transmitter for customary Windows XP SP2 higher.

The Telmed BT Stick

As a optional accessory all new Telmed products will support BT (blue tooth) and can be bound by Plug & Play without additional installation and configuration to your Windows systems.

Kable Electrode Lid for the C-Pen M3

With the interchangeable electrode lid with integrated Defi-Save-Electronics longer sequences and sequential standard leads can be grasped and be taped.


The optionally available software serves for the transmission of the ECG data located in the C-pen to a standard Windows PC. The ECG data is processed after their transmission in the PC and can be stored away with the relation to the respective patient and be administered. Any numbers of EKGs which were transferred from the C-pen by means of Infrared or Bluetooth adaptor can be shown in the programme.

System requrements

  • Windows XP SP2 oder higher
  • Infrarot/BT - receiver
  • C-pen


This software was developed for Windows XP SP2 and the following operating systems. She contains a graphic part to the measurement of the EKGs measured with the C-pen. Furthermore measuring facilities are integrated.

The ECG software disposes of a comfortable patient's data bank, allows the expression of the EKGs with the matching patient's data and contains the GDT interface.

Funktions for the patent's management:

  • New absorption, change, deletion of patients
  • Automatic takeover in a patient's strain
  • Patient's overview - all patients with the last ECG absorption from the first sight
  • Searching function: name, given name, date of birth


  • Indication of the read in EKGs
  • Printing a chosen segment or all data
  • Semiautomatic measuring functions (mV and/or ms) for:
  •   P point (mV/ms)
  •   Q interval (mV)
  •   PQ time R R interval (ms)
  •   Heart rate R interval (mV)
  •   Duration of the QRS complex
  •   QT Zeit/QTc time
  •   Saint interval (mV)
  •   Zoom function
  • ECG-referring data like doctor, findings, absorption date and recording time, lead
  • Synchronisation of the date / time of the PC on the C-pen

User statements

The C-pen M3 was sold in D/A/CH + Middle East approx 16.000 times. The market potential rises by Home Care usage for what the device was originally designed for.

The C-pen has become in some areas a basic equipment of every ambulance.

Assessment from Prof. Dr. med. C. Rosak

Technical data

  • Lead: With integrated electrodes: Nehb A and modification of the Nehb lead
  • Acoustic signals: switchable
  • Indication area: 12.5 and 25 mm
  • Indication of the heart rate: Numerically, at a distance of 5 QRS complexes
  • Automatic disconnection: 3 minutes after the last operating input
  • Data transfer: Windows PC binding above IrDA interface and IrDA adaptor or Bluetooth
  • ECG-amplitude adjustment: Automatically scales on display height
  • ECG-recording: 3 integrated V4A electrodes
  • Liquid-crystal display: LCD lysis: 320 x 48 image dots, 80x12mm   
  • Case: Makrolon in 2458 
  • Weight: 116 g (incl. batteries)
  • Calibrating signal: 1mV reference signal
  • Classification: Device class II a (MPG) - protective class: BF
  • Storage and transport terms:-20°C to +80°C
  • Application terms: Temperature: +10°C to +40°C, relative air humidity 25-95 non condensing
  • Achievement absorption: Maximum achievement absorption = 305 mW
  • Measures: 146 mm x 28.6 mm x 22 mm (L x B x T)
  • Memory: SRam with capacity of 43 minutes, management of the memory contents by information of the memories, the memory duration, the absorption date, the time and percent of the whole storage capacity.
  • Power supply: 4 x 1.5 V, alkali batteries type AAA. At least 4 hrs (continuous operation). After appearance of the BAT sign approx. another 20 minutes of operation period. 10 minutes of condensed buffering to the preservation of the memory contents while battery change.
  • Keyboard: Foil keyboard with 8 keys


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