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The nucleus business of the today's Telmed GmbH in Eching near Munich decreases to a society for microelectronics which was founded in the 1980s by Edgar Schneider senior.

He began not only as the first enterprise in Bavaria with Wirebonding, but developed in parallel in addition new technology processing on pure copper nickel-leading laminas.
The technical challenge was and is today also preventing oxidising of nickel, although the nickel layer lies openly.
Saving the gold process reduces the production costs what was showed at that time above all an interesting cost par potential for the watch industry.

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After the mother's enterprise had set up as a system supplier in the watch industry, it became later to an important supplier for indication assemblies and DSP assemblies for the C / D-MobilePhones of Siemens.

Other projects like the insertion of bank cards for Giesecke & Devrient and the co-development in the first navigation system euroscout followed in 1989.

The rising inquiry for Wirebonding made a expansion of the production capacities necessary: In 1990 the Bavarian location on 50 employees was developed, in Eisenach originated a similar arrangement park.

In 1998 the son Marcus Schneider founded the Telmed GmbH as a subsidiary. With at first three highly qualified employees on 200 square metres Telmed began the surgical business with the first customised systems and a medical device in April, 2002.

In 2012 about 30 employees on a production surface of 1400 square metres work on high specified, miniaturised circuits, developing for customers from the car and consumerbranche, for energy technology and military technology as well as own and customised medicine technology products.