About us

30 years of experience

Telmed Medizintechnik GmbH, an 100% owner-controlled company with it’s headquarter in Eching near Munich and her more than 30-year-old development experience in the areas of biophysics, data processing and system integration Telmed and the name Schneider are merged and in particular the name had become a known brand in Germany.

Today by own production procedures, various assemblies we count some of our modules to the worldwide most compact and most efficient one in the noninvasiven diagnostics, for the observation and controls of the hämodyn. circulatory system as well as well-chosen physiological parametres.

As a special service provider in the Electronic Manufacturing service (EMS) we can offer

  • Circuit development and design
  • Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) and
  • "Chip on Board" technology (COB)
  • The availability of all continuing assembly technologies
  • Quick prototype construction and
  • Delivery of tested assemblies


Our aim is the steady advancement of processes, products and service. Besides, we strictly orientate ourselves on the needs of our customers and take up the trends of the market with. By the highest manufacturing level and innovative products we want to be a reliable partner for our customers.

The Telmed GmbH with her connected partner enterprises offers a seemless production and service chain for electronic components and systems – from the engineering up to the production of great series, after sales service and product lifecycle management.


We serve mainly branches like medicine technology, industry, defence, astronautics and aviation, telecommunications and watch industry in Europe and MIddle East.