iPEx5 Präventiometer

Prevention and operational health precaution (BGM) in a device // Vitality-Check


iPEx5  a holistic concept in regard to corporate health management (BGM). It starts with a comprehensive health data collection and leads to the qualified care and assistance by a preventive coach. The iPEx5 permits a company to save time and cost, while motivating each single employee.

For the first time in Germany the idea of affordable healthcare and prevention can be realized without participation of the health insurances.


In future Telmed GmbH will validate additional electronic modules and supervise the integration in the overall system. Telmed is an important link in the chain of suppliers of modules to the system.

Read more under: www.iPEx5.net .


iPEx5 determines by only one meeting 10 different Check-ups. This already begins, while the employee sits down and watches the intro movie.

The whole Check-up exists from:

    Vital value measurement (size, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, BMI etc.)
    Visual test
    Hearing test (WHO)
    Vein test
    Individual anamnesis
    Ultrasound for Carotis, thyroid gland (in preparation)
    Skeleton measurement (in preparation)
    Osseous density measurement
    Spirometrie (function of the airways, lung volumes, metabolisms)

Separately a blood sample is carried out for lab to provide a big blood count, to inspect the blood glucose and to receive information about the prostate gland.

All together this Check-up won't takes up more than 15-minute time.