Prototyping or Complete-Solution?

We produce your product! As a single component or also as a complete solution, from the model up to the serial parts. Our special competence lies in the miniaturization of components, systems and terminals.

Our manufacturing services encloses:

  • the miniaturization and production of electronics, assemblies and it's construction
  • a wide and modern machine park for SMT, Die-Bonding, Wire-Bonding, Encapsulation
  • the construction of prototypes and testing equipment for serial production
  • automatic optical inspection (AOI) for SMT and COB
  • an in-house designed ERP system for part-tracing and facility control with quality management & measure tools
  • Planning, procurement and administration of production material
  • the worldwide dispatch of the manufactured products, devices, accessories
  • highly qualified and motivated manufacturing staff
  • shoot up and reliable customer service and customer care


Our project-services includes:

  • Documentation accordingly ISO: DIN EN ISO9001:2012 & 13485:2012
  • Documentation und Software-Design (inkl. hosting)
  • Manuals etc.
  • Norm-conform drawings and designs
  • Construction, Design and Purcasing
  • CE-Testing & Marking
  • Packaging, Labeling

A brief product overview:

  • flexible multilayer designs for high integrated circuits
  • Humidity-Sensors, Sensors for Gasanalysis
  • Piezo-Actuatores
  • Monitoring devices for installation and energy segment
  • Miniaturized optical sensors for med. applications